Employment recruitment is an important aspect of every industry. Unfortunately, employee retention is at an all-time low. The trouble is that labor shortages are global, and it’s not limited to just one sector. Part of the problem is down to a lack of career development and low pay. Cleaning is often considered to be a low-paying sector and it’s why you struggle to attract new workers. Of course, the industry has changed with fair pay increases.

So, what strategies could you use to attract workers into the cleaning industry?

Use the Right Words

The way you tell a story can determine how popular it will be. Say the right words and you can find success, phrase it wrong and you’ll get nothing. That is what you have to do when it comes to attracting workers. It’s important you word job posts so they appeal to the wider audience, not just those desperate for employment. Remember, ‘cleaner wanted’ doesn’t jump out at anyone. Instead, you want to use words that offer a fair description of the role but that also gets the mind thinking. Learn more about best practices for manufacturing marketing success at https://www.wis-ltd.com/seven-best-practices-for-manufacturing-marketing-success/

Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or the cleaning sector, the right words make a difference.

Offer the Chance for Development

Workers want to know there is a chance for them to grow in the role. While everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder, it is good to progress as you gain experience. So, if you want to attract workers – that remains with your company long-term – you need to give them the chance to develop. For example, fund further education or courses within the cleaning industry. It shows your commitment to the worker and it can attract many more applicants too.

Give Workers Good Benefits

From manufacturing to cleaning, every worker wants employee benefits. It isn’t just about providing a safe working space but providing the tools to remain safe in any working environment. It’s also about giving future cleaners an incentive to remain with you. For instance, Christmas bonuses or fair pay. These things might not seem much to you, but they can attract more applicants.

Create a Title for the Employee

While it means little to you, a title means the world to an employee. The way you advertise for a new cleaner can determine the type of response you’ll get. For instance, ‘part-time cleaner required, 15 hours minimum’, doesn’t sound appealing at all. On the other hand, ‘part-time facility operative needed, 15 hours or more’, sounds better. So, by giving a cleaner the title of facility operative, you can attract more people to the industry.

Utilize Social Media Platforms to Your Advantage

Who doesn’t use social media nowadays? This is probably your best bet in finding cleaners fast. You can post ads on many platforms and get an almost instant response. It’s great because it cuts down on time wasters and ensures you find the best fit for your company. This industry needs good operatives and reaching people through social media is easier. Learn more uses who does not use social media nowadays and why? by clicking here

Be Open to Those with Limited or No Experience

A lot of people think it’s best to ask for an experienced cleaner because they won’t need any training but that’s not always fair or best. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere and limiting the type of cleaner you want, potentially, turns away good cleaners. Some applicants have little or no experience in the field but are great workers.

good cleaners

It’s the same when you’re in the manufacturing sector, you shouldn’t limit your workers because of a lack of experience. Sometimes, basic training gets you a great worker that’ll remain with your company for years.

A Good Base Price

If you are serious about attracting workers to the cleaning industry then you must offer a fair wage. People need to live and they are not going to be attracted to your company if you offer them a below-par salary. You need to be fair and offer a living wage. If not, you’re going to find attracting workers to be very difficult in the long term.

Keep Your Options Opened

Attracting workers to the cleaning industry isn’t as tough as you think but you need to be strategic. For instance, use the right words in your job postings, and offer a fair wage, and employee benefits. You also need to be open-minded when it comes to selecting applicants with little or no experience. Fortunately, with the right tools behind you, you can attract some great workers to the cleaning industry.