Month: August 2023

7 Strategies to Attracting Workers into the Cleaning Industry

Employment recruitment is an important aspect of every industry. Unfortunately, employee retention is at an all-time low. The trouble is that labor shortages are global, and it’s not limited to just one sector. Part of the problem is down to a lack of career development and low pay. Cleaning is often considered to be a…

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Seven Best Practices for Manufacturing Marketing Success

Manufacturing has its fair share of challenges. In recent years, it has had to cope with the global pandemic and the huge change in demand. It has meant marketing efforts need to be redoubled. You also have to be careful how you use the marketing budget. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do…

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5 Manufacturing Content Marketing Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Manufacturing is one of the most lucrative industries of all time. It continues to grow in demand with technology driving it into the 21st century. If, however, you want to survive and thrive in this industry, you must market effectively. Content marketing isn’t easy, especially when hurdles are put in your way. Fortunately, there are…

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