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Fire Barrier Slab & Coating
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A non-combustible mineral fibre board coated on both sides with a water based ablative coating that will form into a hard protective coating when subjected to intense heat from a fire.


Tested to BS 476 Part 20

 In excess of 2 hour fire resistance

 Can be cut to fit irregular apertures

 Easy to install

 Highly insulating



The boards act as a fire seal for large, multi-service openings in fire compartment walls and floors. They can accommodate service ducts, non-combustible pipes, electrical and fibre optic communication cables and cable trays.


Firestop Boards are supplied in 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm boards minimum density 140kg/m3

Firestop Coating is supplied in 5 litre pails.

Colour: White can be overpainted with fire resistant emulsion paint.


The inside of the aperture should be coated with Firestop Coating and the board cut to size and friction fitted into opening. The board should be cut tightly to fit around any service penetrations, ensuring that completed installations are sealed liberally with Intumescent mastic and overcoated with Firestop Coating to both faces. Service penetrations must be coated internally within the seal and we recommend that they are coated back 100mm from the face of the board. Further details are supplied with the board. Where openings exceed one metre overall a steel angled frame using steel stud anchors at 300mm centres must support the board.

 Health and Safety

We recommend that dust masks, gloves and eye protection be worn while handling or cutting the boards as the dust produced is an irritant. (Separate COSHH sheet available on mineral fibre).

Do not ingest Firestop Coating or Intumescent Mastic, avoid contact with eyes, and keep out of reach of children.

Does not emit halogens or other toxic gases when exposed to flame. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practises should be observed.

Important: You are advised to issue warning signs since these seals are not load bearing.

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